About US

Since 1903 Professional Cleaning of the Finest Loose, Oriental, and Custom Rugs

At Royale Bezjian we have the largest and most modern cleaning plant in the Midwest. Our main cleaning machine is housed in a building that was specifically built around it because of the machine’s size, which is 19 feet wide, 70 feet long, and three stories tall. Our cleaning machinery is the backbone of the company — it’s how we got started in the the flooring business.

How It All Started

Karl Heinrich Sr. went to war in 1933 and fought for the United States Marines. He was honorably discharged in 1936. With no skills when he returned to the states, he found a small dry cleaning business in Maywood, IL named Royale Cleaners. For a few years, he ran this dry cleaning business learning about fabrics and how to clean different types of fabrics. Soon, he became an expert at all different types of cleaning methods. Then, one day, one of his customers asked if he could clean a couch. He said, “Sure, I could” and cleaned the customer’s couch. It came out beautifully and the customer was extremely satisfied. Then, Mr Heinrich started to advertise custom furniture cleaning. Around 1939, with all his knowledge and experience, Mr. Heinrich started taking area rugs in his small dry cleaning store for cleaning. Also because of his knowledge of cleaning all types of fabrics of wool-silk-cotton, he quickly became well known in the local area.

Since business was growing so rapidly, he had to expand. Mr. Heinrich decided not to clean clothing anymore and concentrate on growing the rug and furniture cleaning business, which was aptly renamed “ROYALE RUG AND FURNITURE CLEANERS”.

In 1942, Mr. Heinrich purchased a bigger plant and moved to Melrose Park, IL. His business grew and became one of the first rug cleaning plants in the Chicago area.

In 1959, Mr. Heinrich purchased a property in Stone Park, IL to build his dream of a fully automatic rug cleaning plant. This plant included a rug cleaning machine that can clean thousands of rugs per week. Mr. Heinrich had a great vision for future expansion.

In the early 60’s, wall to wall carpeting became popular. Mr. Heinrich responded with his “Location Cleaners”. Back then, the method of cleaning was shampooing with rotary scrubbers and vacuuming.

In the early 70’s, steam cleaning evolved and increased in effectiveness. A combination of steam pressure and vacuuming pulled more dirt from carpets than ever before.

Then in early 80s the truck-mount was born this is equipment built in the truck so the location cleaners could clean carpet at the customer house and be total self sufficient, we bring water power to your home or business and need nothing from the customer this revolutionized the cleaning on location we now have heat to 220 degrees and a vacuum to pull out dirt like never before all self contained and cleaning time is 1/3 faster and 100% more effective.

In 1975 Karl Heinrich Jr. started in the business learning from his father how to clean in-plant and on location then the repairs of oriental rugs such as serging rugs fringing rugs binding of rugs. In 1985, Karl Heinrich Jr. bought the business from his father. Mr. Heinrich retired in Arizona after 50 years.

Things really took off from there, Karl Heinrich Jr. just like his father had a vision also so since he had the best equipment of all types he wanted grow so Karl started to buy other rug cleaning businesses and make it more economical to service our customers more efficient so after 77 years we are the biggest rug cleaning in Chicago land area thanks to all of our great customers.